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Recruiters and feedback. - Blog Image

Recruiters and feedback.

  • Adrian Grundy
  • Monday, 7 June 2021

I was going to post an article today discussing the road I took to get to where I am today, and why I am proud to be a ‘mature aged’ business degree student (yes, I am called a mature aged student!)....Read Article

Taking a leap of faith! - Blog Image

Taking a leap of faith!

  • Shelley Lilleyman
  • Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Finding a team that empowers one another, a management team that supports, guides and leads you to your goals really is all it takes. One thing I’ll be sure of that I’d never be a leader like the ones I loathed & I’ll always give my team the tools ive been given to never feel like I did! The best advice I can give anyone looking to find a new opportunity is to stick to your personal values & find an environment that aligns with them! Then it’s time to fly & really elevate through your career....Read Article

Im Outta Here !  How to resign the right way  - Blog Image

Im Outta Here ! How to resign the right way

  • Adrian Grundy
  • Thursday, 28 March 2019

Let me start this blog by saying as an employee, there are two times when you are remembered most clearly. When you start a new job and when you leave it! With this in mind it is vital that you know the importance of resigning in the right way not only to ensure you leave with your personal brand in tact but also you get the entitlements that are rightly owed to you and a glowing reference for future potential employers....Read Article


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