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World Kindness Day

  • Leonora Ninte
  • Sunday, 13 November 2022

The theme for World Kindness Day in 2022 is "Be Kind Whenever Possible," which encourages people to show kindness and compassion to others on a daily basis.

The 13th of November is designated as World Kindness Day each year. On this day, it highlights the strength and influence of compassion.

Even though the UN has not yet recognized this day, it is widely observed worldwide.

World Kindness Day honors all the good people who go above and beyond to assist those in need.

In this day and age, kindness is more important than ever. With the pandemic being felt worldwide and causing many forms of pain, that are being experienced by individuals.

Kindness may go a long way in these situations. Helping others gives us a fantastic sense of satisfaction that is beneficial to our own well-being. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of the value of kindness.


In Centres Activities:

Give a hug – everyone needs this!
Send flowers to friends and family
Write appreciation cards for the loved ones and give it to them.
Share a favorite toy or book

Fun Fact!

The inauguration of World Kindness Day is designated on November 13th of 1998 after the formation of the World Kindness Movement.


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