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7 Reasons WHY working in PARTNERSHIP with a Recruitment Agency is a good strategy

  • Adrian Grundy
  • Wednesday, 8 January 2020

We all know that the basic purpose of a recruitment agency is to help job seekers find new roles, while helping companies find the perfect person for their open positions. Unfortunately, very few people realize all the other benefits that come with using a recruitment agency. Partnering with a recruitment agency can be highly beneficial not only to you as the Provider or Manager but to your company as a whole.

Here are some advantages you should expect.

Advantage #1: Faster hiring
Using a recruitment agency will shorten the time it takes to fill your open positions. A recruitment agency can find Educators much faster than you can. We have a vast talent pool in our established database, a network of connections to leverage, and access to expensive systems that help us locate people with those hard to find skills you are looking for. This means that the only people that agencies submit for your review are those that fit the criteria of your job. All of this helps shorten your time to hire!

Advantage #2: Extended reach
Not all the best candidates are actively looking for a new job. We call these candidates ‘passive talent’, and they take a little longer to find. That being said, there is a strong possibility our recruiters know who those people are, how to reach them, and more importantly, know how to incentivise them to make a move – another benefit to working with an agency.


Advantage #3: Specialist recruitment knowledge
As your company grows and industry demands change, your may need to conduct more complex interviews that you may not necessarily be familiar with. Our recruitment agency has staff that specialize in recruiting for our sector. This means we often have better knowledge of in-depth recruitment strategies and techniques that you may not. We are also able to spot transferable skills other people may miss.

Advantage #4: High quality candidates
Using a recruitment agency increases your ability to meet with high quality candidates. We have access to a large talent pool of pre-screened and referenced candidates. This means you are only meeting with candidates that have been already carefully assessed and interviewed.

As a recruitment agency, we deal with candidates on a daily basis and we are experts at interviewing. Through best practice methods, we understand both our candidate needs and your requirements to make a great match.

Advantage #5: Focus on serving the client
Most of the work a recruiter does happens before any potential compensation comes from our client. If no candidate is placed, then no fees are charged for work done. This means that we are focusing on providing you with the best possible candidates for your open roles – those who are genuinely interested in your job.

Advantage #6: Knowledge of the market
Through our conversations with both clients and candidates, the best recruiters gain quite a bit of knowledge about the sector. This means that we are often able to provide you with valuable insight and give sage advice. In fact, this is a crucial part of our job. When you use a recruitment agency you gain access to knowledge of salary rates, available skill sets, career expectations, current hiring complexities, and even market trends you may otherwise have never known about.

Advantage #7: This is what we do!
The biggest advantage of working with a recruitment agency is that this is what we do! By writing compelling job ads we maximise the number of people who apply. We quickly and effectively screen candidates to suss out the strongest candidates early in the process. Day in and day out, we work to meet your hiring needs. Our main goal is to find you the top talent you need.

Need a recruitment agency? Work with Team Murdock.
It has never been easier to save time, source qualified candidates, and fill your open roles faster than with the help of Murdock Education Recruitment. We partner with our clients to scope the requirements of their roles to determine core skills and qualifications that are needed. We have experienced recruiters and a strong reputation within the sector we hire for.

If you are looking to quickly fill open roles with qualified candidates connect with one of us today! Let’s work together to make your company the success it should be.


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