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People Empowerment & Capacity Building - My Only Focus For 2021

  • Adrian Grundy
  • Monday, May 17, 2021

Across the 6 different business entities that I own & operate I have a rather large workforce of 400+ people. As we experience sector-wide workforce shortages my attention turned to solutions on how I could ensure retention and strength in my current employees.

These employees have some unique, hard-to-fill roles that can create instability and loss of valuable intellectual property should these employees leave. From high volume casuals through to Full-Timers that sit across roles such as Educators, Education Leaders, Recruiters, Trainers, Specialist Practitioners, Marketers, Finance Teams and Admin Support.

With early knowledge of the strategic growth across my businesses I was able to honestly reflect over past turnover of employees in each business area, the future hiring needs to facilitate QUALITY sustained growth, the business core values and where the sector is currently sitting in regards to skill and make informed choices on a strategy.

Quality Sustained Growth - My definition - The rate of growth which can be maintained that is strong, stable, sustainable, increases productivity and leads to socially desirable outcomes without creating an impact on our people's ability to live our core values authentically.

In my eyes, my Leaders at all times MUST have the ability to communicate our values through action whilst ensuring integrity is upheld to encourage both excellence and ethical behavior across the group.

The moment they can not do this I know I have failed our strategic growth plan. I am not perfect and at times will fail but its how we grow from failure that will define our success. 

Understanding the below facts ensured I made an investment in the right areas for growth:
⭐️ Understanding we are in a workforce shortage and that recruiting is only going to get harder as we grow
⭐️ Knowing that the competition is fierce and you need a UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION top attract and retain
⭐️ Skill gaps are going to be frequently highlighted and that with skill shortages we needed to upskill IF THE RIGHT VALUES WHERE DISPLAYED.
⭐️ Retention was imperative and if someone is not displaying a right culture fit either we failed at interview or our culture is shifting and this is an indicator.

By showing our people we are invested in them we not only created a bond and connection with them but we created loyalty that increased engagement. Our referals of potential employees increased because people are proud to work for us.

Capacity Building & Empowerment inspires Educators to take leadership and ownership of their CAREERS resulting in high impact and positive long-term effects for the Educator and our clients.
This also upskills our Educators and gives them the knowledge that they can easily take away with them to future career opportunities within the sector. Giving them these tools that they could always use gives a sense of investment into them as people.

OUR JOB AS LEADERS is to build relationships with our people so they are proud to work with us, challenged in their role and engaged so all this investment does not go out the doors if they left.


Capacity Building will ensure Educators feel valued and respected and when Educators feel valued
⭐️ They are more willing to go the extra mile for the team and the business.
⭐️ They take ownership over their work
⭐️ Generate ideas
⭐️ Protect your business from risk.
⭐️ Find meaning and purpose at work
⭐️ Feel proud of the company they're working at
⭐️ Feel more motivated and engaged

Upskilling our Educators will provide the sector with higher quality Educators and increase the delivery of quality education to Western Australian children.

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The 6 businesses that Adrian Grundy owns and operates are:
1. Murdock Education Recruitment
2. Murdock Early Education Schools & Eco Early Learning & Bush Kinder - Langford Campus
3. Murdock Management Services and Consulting
4. Curated Culture - Leadership Training and Consultancy
5. ToTo Childcare Marketing
6. COMING SOON - Lumey Rostering, Time and Attendance.