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National Fairy Bread Day 2022

  • Leonora Ninte
  • Thursday, 24 November 2022

There should be a day to commemorate this, founder Adam Schell playfully joked over a piece of Fairy Bread back in the day—November 24th, 2014, to be exact.

”Why don't you make one?", was the reply from his pal. Easy as that and now November 24th has been designated as Fairy Bread Day ever since.

Fairy Bread Day is a celebration of Australian culture and is an alluring taste of nostalgia that takes one back to simpler times. Fairy Bread Day is now observed by everyone in Australia and even around the world, from teachers to tradies, young and old, as ex-pats enjoy a taste of home!

Fairy Bread Day, which is proudly sponsored by Australia's foremost sprinkle expert, Dollar Sweets, has developed over the past year to focus on more than simply the delectable childhood treat.

2020 saw the announcement of Fairy Bread Day's cooperation with ReachOut, the top online mental health provider in Australia. Since then, we have helped support Australia's youth by raising more than $60,000 with your assistance. Fairy Bread Day is committed to spreading kindness and providing a forum for crucial discussions about mental health as we continue our collaboration in 2022.


Create your fairy bread in centres!

You will need 3 simple things:


100s and 1000s


Now…. Here’s the actual formula to the perfect fairy bread;

3:2 – 3 parts sprinkle and 2 parts butter



Fun Fact

Fairy bread is relatively unknown outside of Australia (and New Zealand), where it was invented, and one of the first mentions of sprinkling buttered bread with 100’s and 1000’s was in 1921, as part of an advertisement for Perth’s Plaistowe and Co’s nonpareils, and by the late 1920s and early 1930s the snack was used as a party food.


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