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Im Outta Here ! How to resign the right way

  • Adrian Grundy
  • Thursday, 28 March 2019

Let me start this blog by saying as an employee, there are two times when you are remembered most clearly. When you start a new job and when you leave it!

With this in mind it is vital that you know the importance of resigning in the right way not only to ensure you leave with your personal brand in tact but also you get the entitlements that are rightly owed to you and a glowing reference for future potential employers.

You MUST write a resignation letter NO EMAILS ever.

You must resign in writing and sign your resignation letter. Please ensure that this letter is typed, printed and presented to your line manager at a prearranged meeting. Do not think it is acceptable to just walk in to your managers office and dump it on them because it is not no matter what circumstances you are leaving on you must remain a professional and organise a sit down meeting.

The dreaded letter

The letter should be courteous and briefly outline your notice period and intended end date. You need to have re read your employment contract to confirm your contractual obligations, such as how much notice is required and refer to your contract in your resignation letter. Ensure that in the resignation letter you remove all emotion and remember this is a professional document and it has no place for emotions. Make sure you keep a copy of the letter for your records, and sign and date both copies.

If you don’t give the correct notice

If you don’t give the contracted amount of notice, then your employer does not have to pay out your notice period. If you do give the correct amount of notice and then you choose to leave earlier, then your employer does not have to pay out your notice, either. However, if you give the correct amount of notice and your employer chooses to wrap you up earlier, then they do have to pay your out notice period.


Confidentiality is key in these situations. Keep news of your impending resignation to yourself. As a professional courtesy, your manager should be the first person to know. Allow your Manager to guide you on when they feel it is appropriate to advise others on your team and think outside of yourself on how this decision may impact the larger business if it is not handled in the right way. No matter what your feelings are towards your Manager your professionalism must never be unwavering. Do not speak to anyone about your employer or any team members in an unflattering light no matter how much you would like to.  

Maintain high professional standards

Once you have provided your resignation and it's all out in the open, it can be tempting to coast along until your last day. However, it pays to resist this urge. Remember, your last days will shape the final impressions you leave with your ex-employer, and it would be a shame to tarnish your reputation on the basis of a few lazy last weeks.

The replacement you

If a replacement for your role has been found, manage the transition with professionalism and give every reason for the newcomer to think he/she has big shoes to fill. Help your replacement hit the ground running by making them feel warm and welcomed and don’t be tempted to indulge in discussing your departure. The more helpful you are, the more likely it is your employer will provide a positive reference for you.

In Closing - Its a small sector

Always remember our sector is small and everyone knows everyone and so even if your time with a particular employer hasn’t been completely positive, it’s critical to take a professional approach to resigning. This not only ensures the door is left open if you ever want to return, it can also increase the likelihood of receiving a glowing reference.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Adrian Grundy is Australia's Leading Recruitment Specialist to the Early Years Sector and Owner/Founder of The Murdock Group.

The Murdock Group is comprised of two expertly driven Early Years Centric businesses, Murdock Education Recruitment and Murdock Early Education Schools Group ( 2 Long Day Care Services located in Western Australia ). Adrian has been recruiting in the Early Years Sector going on 10 years where he has built, managed and lead some of Australia's largest specialised recruitment firms. 


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