Early Childhood Educator’s Day 2021 - Blog Image

Early Childhood Educator’s Day 2021

  • Adrian Grundy
  • Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Early Childhood Educator’s Day 2021 takes place on Wednesday 1 September and recognises the contribution early learning educators make to the wellbeing and development of Australian children and the contribution and impact they have on society as a whole.

We often forget that it is because of early childhood educators, parents are better able to balance work and family responsibilities. They provide support to families ensuring they feel confident in leaving their children in the care of another.

It is because of this that they are able to leave their children in a safe, nurturing environment, with trustworthy educators, while they go to work. Because of this, parents are able to work full-time, increase family income, and in turn, increase their children’s future opportunities.

The passion educators share for laying the very best foundation possible for children’s learning now and throughout their lives is not just inspiring – for the children in their care, it’s life-changing.

Even in challenging and uncertain times our Educators provided vital education and care for children and put them above themselves.

This year has been a year unlike any other for our sector, and our educators have been on the front line and have been there for our children and communities across the country.

Today on Early Childhood Educators’ Day we proudly recognise and celebrate the crucial work of our early learning educators and the contribution they make to the wellbeing and development of the young children in their care.

Take the time today to say thank you to your educators and coworkers and show them just how important they are in our communities and the difference their role makes in the lives of many.

I feel humbled to be part of this wonderful profession and to have the opportunity to see our educators make a difference each and every day makes me proud to be a leader in this sector. 

To all the early childhood educators, THANK YOU! 

THANK YOU for your kindness, your patience, your hard work and your commitment to the future of every child.  

I encourage parents, families, and communities across Australia to let educators know how much they are appreciated and to say thank you for their dedication to developing tomorrow's Doctors, Builders, Lawyers, Police Men and Women, Vets, Teachers, Receptionists, Prime Ministers and Parents.